Dear USA Wrestling’s State Leaders,

I am writing this letter to tell you of a great opportunity. With the aim of providing USA Wrestling’s James-Ravannackathletes with the best nutrition possible, USA Wrestling’s has welcomed Forza by Kemp as its Official Nutrition Sponsor.

In addition to his legendary work ethic, technical superiority and unrivaled mat awareness, Kemp was equally focused on his nutrition…his competitors suffered from his focus on nutrition! His dedication to this end when he left his wrestling shoes on the mat. In fact, he has elevated his nutrition IQ to levels few can match.

That is why I am personally and enthusiastically endorsing Forza by Kemp nutritional products. They have been developed to provide what our athletes need for peak performance and overall health. In addition, Forza is reaching out to all of USA Wrestling’s Coaches and clubs with a special offer that can not only get your wrestlers on a healthier and resources as part of Forza’s “Coaches Program” which returns a part of each sale to the local club and your State Chapter. Get involved and three time World Champi in 1980 due to the Olympic Games boycott) FILA Hall of Fame and National Wrestling Hall of Fame inductee, Lee Kemp will come to your mats and do a free clinic!

Please do your athletes, clubs, a them to health and success by choosing Forza by Kemp as your nutritional partner! Contact Lee today!

If you have any questions or concerns, I urge you to contact Lee directly.

Jim Ravannack
President, USA Wrestling
State Chair, Louisiana